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This Little Light Creations

Crisp Cedar & Amber Reed Diffuser

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Our reed diffusers are made of glass, wood and eco-conscious diffuser base. They are environmental friendly, reusable, durable and safe to use.

Can be placed in any room of your house wherever you need a relaxing fragrance.

Fragrance: Crisp Cedar & Amber

Fragrance Notes: Subtle notes of pine are carefully paired with the freshness of bergamot and citrus; floral notes of wild jasmine and white rose add dimension and harmonise with base notes of cedarwood, amber, musk and a hint of spice.  This amazing array of notes, make this fragrance an all year favourite.

Our diffuser base is an eco-solvent diffuser system derived from plant feedstocks and contains NO volatile organic compounds. It is the reed diffuser of choice for eco-conscious customers

The amount of reeds you add controls the fragrance strength - add as many reads you need to fragrance the room

The more reeds you use, the stronger the fragrance

Material: Round glass bottle with sealing plug and wooden lid, diffuser base & fragrance

Reeds: 10 natural diffuser reeds

Capacity: 125mls/200mls